Monday, March 22, 2010

Life changing

Where to start? I've learned a lot about faith and hope this week. On Thursday, we had a great family day. We helped our friends pack their house, went home and mulched our front yard. It looks beautiful. Afterwards we ran some errands. Dave had a doctors meeting that night. It was supposed to be about a specific case that had gone awry. It apparently wasn't.

We found out that the Animal Emergency Clinic is closing. Either July 1st, or whenever two doctors leave. It was a major blow mostly because we didn't see it coming at all. We processed it on our drive home (I had dropped him off since we were already running errands). As shell-shocked as I felt, I also felt immediate assurance that God would provide for our needs. That He would provide the right job for Dave, and not just any job, and that it would be OK.

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a recovering worrier. So, for me to feel this way is a little uncharacteristic. The last few months, my faith has felt a bit helter-skelter. It's been there, but has felt foggy. Having this happen, it felt like everything realigned and became clear again. I have this saying written in my bible, "Never doubt in the dark what you have seen in the light". I trust that God will take care of all our needs. We'll be OK.

I haven't been at liberty to blog about this until Dave told the technicians at their meeting last night. Now, Dave is updating his resume and going to make some calls. He's willing to explore all his options. Things are still very unknown at this point.

To top it off, Dave came home this morning from work and found our van door cracked open. Someone had stolen our GPS. Super. It's partially my fault. We usually leave the van in the garage, but our garage has a lot of stuff in it for our garage sale, so the van has been sitting out. I usually lock the doors, but last night I was carrying in bags of groceries and library books and my hands were full. I must have forgotten to come back out and lock it. Still, I feel violated and icky that someone was rooting around in our van. Ugh. Weirder still, although I generally am not bothered when Dave is at work overnight, (mostly because we have Chester) last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I was thinking someone would break in to the house. I had to rethink if I had locked all the doors...and I had, just not apparently the van door.

When I was writing the first part of this last night, I was completely filled with hope. The GPS being stolen this morning knocked me down a little bit. Yet, as I continue to rally this morning, I am still hopeful that God's plan is bigger than my own. I still trust Him. Even when I don't understand.

Thank you God for never leaving or forsaking us. We are trusting you with our situation and pray that you would lead us in these next steps. We love you Lord.


Christy said...

Wow...lots going on! We'll be praying for you guys - keep us posted!

SLP said...

We will be praying for God's peace to rest on you during this season of changes. Love you guys!

mjvan said...

We'll be praying for just the right job for Dave and for His grace to cover you!