Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kid updates

Callie- POOPED IN THE POTTY! We have been loosely potty training Callie the last few days. When we are home, she is running around in underwear and we are setting her on the potty. Tonight she let me know when she had to poop, so we sat her on the potty...and well, I'm sure you can imagine the was successful. We were so excited. Dancing around, clapping. She just looked at us, like we were a little strange. :-)

Her new phrase is, "My do it". We're apparently very independent now.

Noah- Well, let's say that Noah's behavior seems to be in direct correlation to the weather. :-) February was brutal. March has been significantly better. I mean phenomenal. He's been so good. Listening, following directions, minimal to no fits. We've been playing outside as much as we can, and I think that helps all our moods immensely. The last few days it's been raining...making today a little harder, but not too bad. He's quite creative. He made a "machine" today out of chairs and kept crawling over it multiple times like he was on a conveyer belt. It kept him busy for about 45 minutes. It was fantastic. I love seeing Noah's smile and even watching his silly antics. He's a fun kid.

It's been nice though...I've had really great cuddle time with both of them this week. Callie fell asleep on me the other day. That hasn't happened in so long...I cherished the moment. Noah and I stayed up and cuddled together watching a movie last night just the two of us. It was incredibly sweet. I won't get these moment's forever, so I'm definitely treasuring them now.

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Christy said...

So awesome! Hope she keeps it up!