Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seven years!

Yesterday marked seven years of being married to my wonderful husband. It was actually a lot of fun yesterday to think back about the day we got married. Taking pictures, the ceremony, the reception. I also thought back to some of our most memorable dates...the top ones include a picnic at the state park, taking me to see Phantom of the Opera (A total surprise and I had REALLY wanted to see it!), and last years get away weekend. Yes, I have a good man.

The funny thing about our anniversary is that SOMETHING always goes wrong...every year, without fail. One year we were in Chicago and Dave's parents had booked a hotel room for us using their points (we were poor and they were generous). When we got to the hotel, the hotel had booked us for the following night..and the hotel was BOOKED for that night. We ended up having to drive home to his parents house. Another year, as we were pulling out of the driveway, Dave accidentaly side-swiped our babysitters car. We felt so horrible about it, that we ended up not going out that evening and Dave spent the rest of the night fixing the damage. Other years have been more minor, but something generally happens to try and thwart our plans. We joke about it now.

This year was no exception. Our babysitters forgot to come and we couldn't get a hold of them. So, after an hour of waiting, we called our friends Kurt and Karissa (whom we love and who love our kids) and literally Karissa was at our house ten minutes later with Kurt (coming from work) right behind her. They stayed with the kids all night so that Dave and I could have our anniverary night. Seriously, I love our church and the community that we belong to. I love doing life with these people.

Dave and I had to alter our plans slightly, but we still went down to Indy, ate at the Castleton grill, and then went shopping. It was so nice to just be with him.

Below is my anniversary present.

My husband did AMAZING. It's so beautiful...the picture doesn't even show it justice. I LOVE it. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry...mostly because it came from him.

Suffice it to say, the evening was wonderful. For me, it was nice to get away from the house and yes, even the kids, for a little bit. I had to remember that I am more than a mom. We had such a good time talking on the way down and back and throughout the whole evening.

Because of that, I was able to really enjoy the kids today. I wasn't feeling run-down or empty. I could really embrace and enjoy the time I had with them. We were all better for it.

I married a great man seven years ago. He keeps me safe, is steady when I am weak, pushes me when I need to be pushed, loves me for me, is incredibly wise, and is a wonderful father. I'm incredibly in love with him.

Bring on year eight!

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mjvan said...

So happy for you two!! Glad you got to get away!