Monday, May 10, 2010

My amazing kids

I love my kids. The other week, I was walking along and I just had this strange sense of deja-vu. I'm a mom. I'm a mom of two great kids. How on earth are they 4 and 2 already?! Wasn't it just yesterday Dave and I got married? These years seem to be going by very fast. Yet, they have been amazing years. I have loved rocking and nursing little babies. Cuddling their sweet snuggling bodies. I have loved watching them smile and giggle. I have loved watching them take their first steps, say their first words. I love snuggling with my "big" kids. I love watching them discover new things. I love praying for them and watching them pray for each other. It's been an amazing journey so far. Certainly not without it's challenges, but the rewards, for me anyway, are incredible. I love being a mom. These kiddos are mine, and I'm so thankful for that fact. When I look at the above pictures, I know, without a doubt, that I am deeply and richly blessed.

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